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Our mission as the Analysis Core is to help researchers in the UCSC Genomics Institute use modern tools to accurately and efficiently analyze large volumes of sequence data.  We build the software that makes this possible (the Development team) and we also are responsible for running the "core" analysis pipelines for projects within the Institute (the Production team).  See our detailed mission statement for more information.


We are growing our available pipelines to support projects in the Institute including:

Pipelines in bold are considered production and can be ordered using the "Submit Analysis Request" below.

You can see our current Workflow Pricing for information on the costs of analyzing samples with these pipelines. Large batches can be processed at reduced rates, please contact us for more information using the "Submit Analysis Request" below.

If you are interested in working with the Analysis Core to analyze your data, please fill out our new project registration form and our project manager will contact you.

Contact Us

Our model is to work side-by-side with researchers to design and build analysis pipelines and cloud infrastructure as part of their larger projects.  To that end, we work with researchers while writing grant proposals to ensure adequate computational resources are included for new projects.  Following funding, we can scale up our analysis on commercial or academic clouds to ensure projects receive their analyzed data as fast as possible.

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